Councils And Committees Of IDCC


Maintenance Coordination Committee is constituted by the Council of Coordinators. The Technical Advisor/s, The Maintenance Advisor, Safety and Security Adviser and one nominated representative from each of the seven buildings. The Maintenance Coordination Committee (MCC) is responsible to assist and advise the Executive Council on technical matters and to deal with any technical affairs related to Inter Denominational Christian Church. MCC Provide technical advice on routine maintenance activities and participate as and when required in strategic planning provision for IDCC contracts and project needs to optimize the utilization of resources, and contracts.

Mr. Shajilal Viswas

Maintenance Advisor
Ph: 5555 7148


Mr. Nibu Mathew

MCC Member
Building No.1
Ph: 5541 5049

Mr. Shoy Varghese

MCC Member
Building No.2
Ph: 5581 4535

IDCC Office Bearer

Mr. Gee Varghese Baby

MCC Member
Building No.3
Ph: 5584 5815

IDCC Office Bearer

Mr. Jees Joseph

MCC Member
Building No.4
Ph: 5588 9860




Mr. Josekutty J

MCC Member
Building No.5
Ph: 5531 2500

IDCC Office Bearer

Mr. Roshen Cherian

MCC Member
Building No.6
Ph: 5509 9798

Mr. Sunil Philip

MCC Member
Building No.7
Ph:5524 7330